Located near Grunjul from Mânzălești, the Museum of Human Time was the first visiting objective opened in Buzău County. The museum has two rooms, whose main symbols are the tree of life and the oven, respectively. The first room is the room of the feminine universe. Here you can find innumerable pieces made by the skill of the village women: the girls’ dowry, woven shirts, wipes and carpets displayed alongside the spinning wheel and the loom. The oldest wiper in the exhibition is about 200 years old.

The second room is the room of the male universe, where the flame of the furnace refers to the fire of creation and the warmth with which the pillar of the family once supported its home. Here you can see the manual grinding mill, the potter’s wheel, clay pots and other elements created by the skill of the homesteader. Thus, the story of man bound to his land is told through the perspective of time.


Mănzălești locality, Buzău county
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