The platform ‘Muzee de la sat’ [in translation Rural Museums] came up at the initiative of young people from Botoșani and Iași. We are developing the first online platform dedicated to the museums located in the rural areas. We started in 2021 with the region of Moldova, adding Muntenia region in 2022 and Dobrogea region in 2023: explore over 70 interactive 3D virtual tours of rural museums. At its core, the project has the desire to promote the cultural life of the village and we won’t stop here. In the coming years we will explore other regions of the country. More…

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Next to it you will find the interactive map of the museums. By clicking on each county, you will open a list of museums in that area that have an interactive 3D virtual tour on our platform. With a click on the name of the museum you will reach the page dedicated to that cultural objective and you will be able to explore online the museum.

The unnamed counties are the ones our team hasn't reached yet.

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Botoșani MuseumsIași MuseumsVaslui MuseumsGalați MuseumsVrancea MuseumsBacău MuseumsNeamț MuseumsSuceava MuseumsBuzău MuseumsBrăila MuseumsIalomița MuseumsCălărași MuseumsPrahova MuseumsIlfov MuseumsGiurgiu MuseumsTeleorman MuseumsDâmbovița MuseumsArgeș MuseumsTulcea MuseumsConstanța Museums

Ialomița Museums

Ilfov Museums

Teleorman Museums

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The team

Ionuț Teoderașcu
project manager and photographer
Cosmin Murarașu
project manager and 3D scanning technician
Nicoleta Felea
copywriter and online PR counselor
Alexandra Nistor
authorized translator
George Patriche
self-taught videographer filmmaker

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