Bianca Folescu, host of the “Suvenir din Dobrogea” household, purchased a vacation home about 10 years ago. Her intention was to save all the items left by the previous owner. Meanwhile, she researched and developed a passion for handcrafts, opening a museum in the large house of the household. Thus, it shows visitors what life used to look like in Vișina locality, mostly inhabited by Bulgarians.

The collection in the “Souvenir din Dobrogea” Museum consists of both found objects and donated or purchased pieces. The house, which is almost 100 years old, has a typical structure of Dobrogean houses, consisting of three rooms. In the main room, traditional costumes (Romanian, Bulgarian and Lipovian) and other elements of multicultural identity are exhibited. In one of the rooms, the stories of wool, the stories of carpentry and rural veterinary medicine are told through the loom. Every year, the museum exhibition has a new look, to show all the objects in the collection in turn. Thus, this year’s novelty is a collection of lace and macrame, which focuses especially on execution techniques.


Vișina village, Jurilovca comunne, Tulcea county
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Daily – with phone appointment before the visit



Person – 20 lei

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