Historical figure, Costache Negri (1812-1876) was born in Iași, in a family of boyars. After his father passed away, he inherited the mansion of Mânjina, in Galați County. The possession was used as a meeting venue for the 1848 revolutionaries. The value of the house and of the writer were appreciated later on. Therefore, in 1908, the old village of Mânjina was decreed Locality and received a new name: Costache Negri.

The house was set up as a museum in 1968, 120 years after the 1848 Revolution. There are exhibited decorative art objects, family correspondence, pieces of art which belonged to Costache Negri and to his relatives. The rooms of the mansion host the exhibition ‘Ambient românesc – Ambient european: Conacul de la Mânjina’. This exhibition illustrates the idea that the lifestyle of the Romanian’s elite was aligning to the one of west-europeans.


Costache Negri Locality, Galați County
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