After retiring, Paraschiva Constantin, originally from the village of Vișina, opened a museum named after her in her parents’ house. She inaugurated this objective in 2006, dedicated especially to textiles — having always been attracted to the past and to old things, but especially to work on weaving. Since then, summer or winter she works both on the loom and on the sewing machine.

Paraschiva Constantin learned to weave mats from her mother when she was 12 years old. Over time, she worked on national costumes, towels, blankets, mats, wall hangings and other pieces of clothing or decoration. Visitors who step on the threshold of the “Paraschiva Constantin” museum can find an exhibition of things made by hand by Mrs. Constantin, as well as other collected objects.


Vișina village, Jurilovca commune, Tulcea county
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Monday – Sunday – 8AM – 8PM



Free admission

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