Panait Cerna (1881-1913) was a Romanian poet and philosopher, originally from the village Cerna from Tulcea. It seems that his father, Panait Stanciof, came in 1875 to teach the Bulgarian language to the community settled in northern Dobrogea. He died three months after the wedding, before the poet was born. Little Panait Stanciof received his father’s first name, and his name then linked him forever to his birthplace. He started writing poems from high school, making his debut at the age of 15, in the magazine “Povestea vorbei” (no. 15/1897, page 6).

The “Panait Cerna” Memorial House became a museum following the donation in 1966, made by the poet’s youngest brother. The objective captures two aspects: an exhibition about the life and work of the artist and one dedicated to rural life. The poet’s glasses, along with his wooden pencil case, are among the personal items exhibited in the museum. Panait Cerna died at almost 32 years old, due to health problems, in Leipzig.


Cerna commune, Tulcea county
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Adults – 6 lei
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3 lei

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