Victor Tofan’s parental home, almost 200 years old, became the Tazlău Ethnography Museum. The main part of the household is the Old House, built of wood, clay and stone. It consists of two rooms: a tent with a clay stove and the big room, the one intended for rest and activities during the day. In addition to this, the museum also displays other elements that completed the former household of the peasant from Tazlău: the cellar, the cellar with a stone vault, the cane fence, the entrance gates, the wooden cart with wheels, the stable and others.

The transformation of the house into a cultural objective is a tribute to Victor Tofan’s grandfather and father. Rehabilitation efforts began in 2009, and objects from the museum collection were either found in the household, donated, or purchased. Thus, visitors can learn stories from the village about: the weaving war, the butter churn, the round table, the stove in the great room, the hand-woven tricolor carpet from 1890, the wooden plow, the iron bar for the paths railways and numerous pieces of the popular harbor specific to the area.


Tazlău locality, Neamț county
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