The house in which Fanuș Neagu (1932 – 2011) was born and raised was built by his father. It was transformed into a museum at the writer’s initiative, who saw this place as a cultural objective. In 2007 he donated his childhood home to the authorities of Brăila, and on 31st July 2011 this became a memorial house, exactly 40 days after the author’s death.

The building is typical of the houses built on plain land, it has seven rooms and it is structured on two thematic units: ethnography and the professional life of the writer. Thus, visitors can visit the living room, the family kitchen, the room with the weaving instrument or the workshop of Nea Vasile – Fănuș Neagu’s father. In the parent’s room it is also exposed the crib, built in 1932, before the writer was born. He was the first born of Paraschiva and Vasile Neagu. The exhibition “Odaia din Crivăț” includes a gallery of portraits of the author, his books and other personal belongings.


Grădiștea Locality, Brăila County
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Monday, Tuesday – closed;
Wednesday: 8 AM – 3 PM
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Friday: 8 AM – 12PM
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Individual – 4 RON;
Groups (from 10 persons) – 2 RON
Retired persons, students, pupils – 50% discount;