The Ethno-Folk Museum “Traditional Turkish House” is a new museum, opened in June 2023, set up in a house that is over 100 years old. The museum consists of three rooms: the bride’s room, the guest room and the room dedicated to crafts. The first one, richly decorated, exhibits a collection of things handmade by the bride’s family: handkerchiefs, pillows, wipes, scarves, carpets etc. The second room, for the reception of guests, was arranged in this way to illustrate the setting in which the Turks enjoyed themselves in the winter when they were not working the land. Reference is also made to the yurt of the nomadic Turks. The last room is dedicated to arts and crafts and exhibits tools, pottery, a loom, spinning wheel and more.

The museum in Cobadin was previously a private museum opened by Zulfie Totay, dedicated to the ethnic Tatars of Dobrogea. After the death of Mrs. Totay, the household was purchased by the Turkish Democratic Union of Romania, becoming a landmark of the identity of the Turks in the area. Those interested will learn countless stories about the course of the Turkish population, about the concerns of the Dobrogean Turks and, above all, about the customs of this community.


Cobadin commune, Constanța county
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Daily: between 10AM – 12PM; 2PM – 4PM, with prior telephone appointment


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