The little house with a wooden porch and shingle in the former village of Stupca was the place where the composer Ciprian Porumbescu moved in when he was 6 years old. It is the only building that remained in the courtyard with an orchard and a well. The composer’s father was a priest and he had intelectual guests passing by. In this context, those visits meant a lot in the career and relationships that Ciprian had during adulthood. This place inspired him to create some of his musical compositions.

The house was set up as a memorial house on 9 June 1963. It has a small hallway and other two rooms: Iraclie’s office (Ciprian’s father) and the kitchen. Inside the rooms one can see vintage furniture, photographs and the piano belonging to Mărioara, his sister. When Ciprian was a child he signed his name on a wooden beam that is still visible today.


Ciprian Porumbescu Locality, Suceava County
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