The Paleo-Christian monument in Niculițel is located in the northeast of the town, on the site of a former crossroads. Following severe flooding in the spring of 1971, villagers discovered the dome of the crypt and broke it open, seeing human remains. Later, archaeological research confirmed that a Christian basilica was erected at the end of the 5th century, over a crypt containing the bones of two groups of martyrs.

A group of four martyrs were housed in a common coffin, in the upper part, their names being inscribed in the plaster of the crypt: Zotikos, Attalos, Kamasi(o)s and Philippos. It seems that this crypt was built for them at the end of the 4th century AD. On the lower level are two areas that separately contain the tombs of two other martyrs, whose identities remain unknown.

The paleo-Christian monument in Niculițel is a unique objective in Europe, which reflects Christian architecture from the Greco-Roman period. In addition to the crypt of the martyrs, the museum also includes an exhibition of photographs and archaeological objects from the area of Niculițel.


Niculițel commune, Tulcea county
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