The GeoGate visiting center is the gateway to the “Land of Buzău” Geopark, an area of approximately 1000 km2 in Buzău county. This space was declared a geopark in April 2021, being the second of its kind in Romania.

Visitors who step on the threshold of this visiting point will get to know the Land of Buzău, more precisely with a variety of objectives including the Grunjul from Mânzălești, the Mud Volcanoes, the amber, legends about the “trovants” from the Ulmet area, live fires, rock settlements and many others. This contact will be made through Augmented Reality, encouraging travelers’ curiosity and enthusiasm to discover this area.

The visitor center consists of two rooms: in the first room, photographs taken in Buzău County are exhibited, as well as a multitude of handicrafts. The second room invites visitors to explore all the geoparks in the world with the help of technology and an interactive map.


Sătuc village, Berca locality, Buzău county
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Wednesday – Sunday: 9AM – 3PM

Monday – Tuesday: closed



Adults – 

Students, pupils – 

Interactive 3D virtual tour

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